A New Nature Noir Novel – STATION K

The contagion awakens …

At the far edge of the beautiful but uninhabited outer archipelago outside Stockholm a gloomy islet with a cruel history is hiding. In the past there was a secret military installation there whose merciless research experiments must be kept secret at any cost.

Many years later an almost ritual suicide threatens the concealment. Worry spreads. Evil forces are growing in strength.

Petra Dunker works at a pharmaceutical company, on her way up in her career, and finds herself at the center of these events. She is expecting a baby but strange complications arise around her pregnancy. Years earlier her mother totally lost her footing and ended up estranged from her family and society.

Everything seems to fit together. The questions are piling up.

What really happened to Petra’s mother? What do coastal rangers have to do with the parasitic disease toxoplasmosis? And what does the extremely strong-willed cat Fabian want?

Petra is forced to go far in her search for answers.

Publishing house in Sweden: Bladh by Bladh/2019, StorySide/2019 (audio). Cover: Anders Timrén. Film / book trailer: Raed Sabah.